From new product development to the final delivery, we will provide our customers with the outstanding service and support, based on a foundation of great communication.

Our team of in-house and freelance designers create new product ranges each season and in partnership with our experienced technical team will then re-engineer the products to achieve the best value for the market specific profile, without compromising quality.

Our global sourcing teams will then work closely with our factory network in order to provide quality products, whilst at the same time preserving our customer’s competitive edge in their respective marketplaces.

Over 50% of the SBN team worldwide are focused on quality related functions. We have our own employed local quality teams to work closely with factories on both in line and pre-shipment inspections to ensure that the final product meets our global customers’ expectations. By working with closely with our customers we are able to develop inspection tools and assessments that are focused on their particular requirements.

Social compliance plays a huge part in what we do: at SourceByNet we take responsibility for helping to educate and then inspect and implement new regulations so our factories are able to comply and follow what is required in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner.

With a dedicated customer support team our customers’ orders are processed in a timely fashion and are updated with the latest status on a regular (defined by the customer) basis.

All of our customers have individual requirements and preferences, at SourceByNet we have the capability to provide a dedicated account management and support service and in order to fulfill the various shipping arrangements.